5 Uses for Bucket Trucks

1. Trimming Trees – A very common use for bucket trucks, in this case forestry bucket trucks, is tree trimming. Many times, it's not safe for trimmers to clime the tree and the use of a lift truck helps them to reach a safe position. Bucket trucks allow trimmers to find the ideal position to cut limbs and are much safer than previous trimming methods. Arborists use bucket trucks a lot… trimming trees is one of the most common uses for bucket trucks trucks.

2. Photography – Yep, photographers use bucket trucks to get a unique vantage point to snap their photos. Check out this photo taken from a bucket truck:


3. Cinema – Along the same lines as photography, movie directors use bucket trucks to film. Again, they use them to get a different vantage point that wouldn't otherwise be possible. A movie that used a bucket truck to film was "The Terminator", one of my favorite movies.

4. Painting – If you're like me and hate painting while standing on a ladder, a bucket truck is perfect. Lot's of professional painters have bucket trucks at their disposal to help them with working at heights. A bucket truck is safer than a hydraulic lift because you can work on more uneven surfaces and is overall more stable. Imagine painting a three or four story building on a ladder or on a hydraulic lift.

5. Hunting – Ok ok, maybe only I would use a bucket truck for hunting but, it's a use. I could have put a variety of uses at #5 like sign and light repair or decorating for holidays but it's hunting season. 🙂 Imagine having the best possible hunting spot at a perfect height. You could be 50 ft in the air and get perfect shot. Probably better have a two-man bucket and a stool to sit on.

Have you used a bucket truck for something different? Let us know in the comments!

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