Aerial Lift of Connecticut Bucket Trucks

Aerial lift of Connecticut specializes in the manufacture of aerial devices for trucks. Established in 1958, the company remained in operation until 2011 when they were acquired by Altec NUECO, a premier seller of pre-owned trucks. Altec NUECO provides service and support to customers of Aerial lift of Connecticut.

Aerial Lift Devices
Aerial lift devices are mounted on a truck's bed and have diverse applications. From changing streetlight bulbs and window washing to construction and rescue operations, aerial lifts and platforms allow access to heights ranging from 40 to 77 feet. The Aerial Lift of Connecticut bucket trucks are classified based on the location of the aerial lift mount as rear mounted or center mounted. Most bucket trucks have rear mounted lift devices unless the truck requires a chip box body, in which case the lift is mounted on the frame just behind the driver's cabin.


Until their acquisition in 2011, Aerial lift of Connecticut enjoyed a significant share of the market in bucket trucks. Customer feedback continues to rate Aerial lift of Connecticut bucket trucks as high-quality, durable machinery across two decades of daily use and operation. The company's AL-77-53 model lift has an elevator option that uses hydraulic control to raise the entire lift section from the truck bed that allows for a full extentsion of 77 feet.

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Installation on Trucks
Aerial Lift of Conneticut provides lifts and chip boxes for two-wheel drive, four wheel drive and multi-axle trucks for specialized operations. Depending on the application such as window washing, forestry, maintenance, firefighting or construction, Aerial Lift of Conneticut bucket trucks use different lifts. While these trucks have a number of applications, Aerial Lift focuses on building high quality forestry trucks.

Most lifts such as the AL-77-53 and AL-60-50 can move upwards and laterally to allow access to places otherwise impossible to reach. The upper controls are protected by high-quality fiberglass and equipped with a fiberglass tool scabbard. The lift booms have been designed to stack one above the other, making the overall setup much stronger. The firm also manufactures lifts that can be mounted on a skidder, allowing all-terrain use.

Customer Service
The company has a long history and untarnished reputation for superior customer service. Clients and customers have testified to the promptness and effectiveness of annual maintenance and emergency repairs. Altech NUECO continues the great tradition of efficient and effective service with periodic inspections, maintenance, and replacement of spare parts. The service centre also provides complete overhaul services for older Ariel Lift of Connecticut bucket trucks.

With customers using their trucks and aerial lifts for over 40 years, Aerial Lift and Altec NUECO look to provide continued maintenance, servicing and repair to thousands of loyal customers. Even with several competing bucket trucks in the market, Aerial Lift of Connecticut bucket trucks continue to be the first choice for forestry operations.

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