Altec Bucket Trucks TA-40

For over eight decades, Altec has enjoyed the reputation for being one of the top manufacturers of medium and heavy utility vehicles. Headed by Lee Styslinger III, the company's tradition of superior quality and great customer service has given many of their trucks high resale value. Altec trucks are in use by many public and private companies in diverse sectors for electrical, forestry, construction, firefighting and law enforcement.


Versatility With the TA-40
Altec's product line includes bucket trucks, digger derricks, cranes, cable trucks, subterranean rod drivers, washers, pressure diggers, pole trailers and foliage chippers. The TA-40 is a versatile, multi-utility bucket truck and is one of Altec's popular models. One of the most stable trucks for its size, the TA-40 is known for its rugged durability over decades of operation. The Altec TA-40 bucket truck is the utility vehicle of choice for several reasons – its range, maneuverability, durability, resale value and adaptability to multiple uses.

Range and Maneuverability
For a truck of its size, the TA-40 has a remarkable side reach of 29.5 feet and a functional height of 45.7 feet. The compensating articulating arm is designed for operation without the use of unwieldy outrigger equipment or counterweights. The arm is mounted on a 24" x 30" x 42" platform with the boom and bucket bring completely insulated, manufactured from centrifugally cast fiberglass. This feature makes it ideal for use in telephone or high voltage power line maintenance. The hydraulic system on the Altec TA-40 bucket truck controls the boom extension makes it very maneuverable even in small spaces. The articulating arm has a range of 95 degrees while the boom swings through 113 degrees.

Durability and Resale Value
The Altec TA-40 bucket truck is favored by professionals around the country for its high resale value. The truck's durability and powerful engine are significantly more resistant to wear than most trucks. With a responsive service network and easily available spare parts, Altec ensures that resold trucks receive the same superior service.

Other Features
The Altec TA-40 bucket truck features a single-lever upper control and compatibility for an outrigger, if needed. Altec recommends that all trucks be fitted with a fall protection system, wheel chocks and a platform liner for enhanced user safety.

vst3The Altec TA-40 bucket truck is the choice of professionals in varied industries – bringing together the best features of an aerial truck and superior customer service from Altec – a leader in aerial utility vehicles.

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