Uses for bucket trucks in the Holiday season

We’re rapidly approaching the Holiday’s and people everywhere are fearing the worst, getting off of the couch and setting up decorations. Ok, maybe it’s just me. Some uses of bucket trucks during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year (among others) take on a more residential feel. The first use that comes to mind are the professional decorators that use bucket trucks to hang ornaments, lights, and other do-dads from homes. Let’s look a little deeper at some Fall, Winter time uses for our favorite aerial lift trucks.


For some gutter cleaning companies, using a bucket truck to reach their job site is a huge advantage. Instead of trudging up a ladder, workers can knock out a project in half the time. I know I’d love to have a lift truck for personal use for this reason alone. Also, some businesses and homes with gutters can be pretty tall and a bucket truck is a much safer option than a 30+ ft ladder.

Yep, decorating for the Holidays is huge here in America and bucket trucks are used to help with the process. Many big-time decorators use bucket trucks to reach the higher areas of a home or tree to decorate. Professional decorators on a budget will often rent a truck for the season… I’m sure it pays off big time. Decorators can work much more efficiently and safely with a lift truck than with a ladder. I don’t blame them at all. After years of climbing a ladder and walking on a roof to hang Christmas lights, I would love to have a bucket truck for this job.


Bucket trucks decorate a tall tree for Christmas

Another use for bucket trucks during the Holiday season is to get a great view of decorations and the area. Last year, I was lucky enough to go up in a bucket during Christmas time and get an incredible view of the city and the Christmas decorations. The lights and everything from that vantage point was amazing. If you have the opportunity to get a view from a bucket truck during the Holidays, I highly recommend it.

Have any more uses for a bucket truck during this time of year? Jot it down in the comments, we’d love to hear them!

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