Buying Medium Sized Bucket Trucks

At I-80 Equipment, we know that as one of the world’s largest medium sized bucket trucks dealers, we must continue to provide high quality service, truck inventories and value priced medium sized bucket trucks. One of our specialties is our reconditioned medium sized bucket trucks which can be used for the forestry, data, and electrical industries. All of our medium sized bucket trucks go through a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure the most reliable, safe, and long lasting bucket trucks on and off the road.

Medium Size Bucket TruckHere at I-80 equipment we are able to offer medium sized bucket trucks at 40-50% off of the full retail price of new trucks. However the selling point for us, is that our reconditioned medium sized bucket trucks will provide our customers with the value of a new truck at their budget price. We want you to feel that you've received a bargain and will look like a hero at your business because of our truck offerings. With all our medium sized bucket trucks undergoing a 77-point mechanical inspection and a 177-point boom inspection, we are unmatched in the industry. And we know that our quality and value will keep every business relationship in good standing.

Like purchasing any new vehicle, if you buy a medium sized bucket truck brande new, you will experience a decrease in your investment value. By purchasing a fully reconditioned bucket truck through I-80 Equipment, you will receive a return on your investment that will make you and your business a success!

At I-80 Equipment, we believe so strongly in the quality of our medium sized bucket trucks, that we provide the industry leading warranty with each and every vehicle. You will receive the dependability needed from your medium sized bucket trucks at the right price at I-80 Equipment.  Call 1-888-509-9566 or email us at to speak with a representative who can match you up with medium sized bucket trucks that will fit your business and your needs perfectly!

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