Cable Placers for Sale

Call 309-949-3701 to inquire about this Cable Placer for sale.

Call 309-949-3701 to inquire about this Cable Placer for sale.

Cable Placers can be a tough utility truck to find, especially when you’re looking for a great price. Brand new units can cost at least $250,000, but we have the only late model unit on the market in stock right now–for a fraction of the price. This particular unit is equipped with every cable stringing option available, a full fiberglass body, and a $10,000 pre-lasher on it. The Cable Placer also has a platform height of 35 feet, a working height of 41 feet, and an incredible sidereach of 29 feet.

For those needing a truck that can take on a heavy load, this unit has a 500 pound side load capacity, 2,000 pound lower lifting hook, and a 6,000 pound reel lifter, w/ winder. Additional features for this Cable Placer include a complete strobe package, air brakes, joystick upper controls, upper start/stop/emergency stop, 230 horsepower with 620 pounds of torque, and many more. With a gross weight of 33,000 pounds, low miles, and an automatic transmission, our Altec AT40C-2006-International 4300 4×2 Cable Placer is an incredible bargain. Similar trucks on the market would cost much more, and additional options would increase the price tag by an ever larger amount. With this unit, there are so many options and features packed into this one truck for a single, amazing price. Financing is available for this truck, and we can get you an incredible and affordable monthly payment with approved credit.

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