Common Uses for 100+ Foot Tall Bucket Trucks

We all know bucket trucks are used for a variety of tasks, but what about those that are a bit taller than the others? What kind of jobs are out there that requires bucket truck operators to reach heights of a hundred feet or more? Are there specific reasons why these trucks need to be so tall? The answer isn’t as crazy as you think. Power lines, oil rigs, and tree trimming all require bucket trucks that can reach very tall heights in order to perform their job duties safely and accurately. We see bucket trucks every day and teams are hard at work ensuring that we have electricity, oil, and tree limbs cleared away in a timely manner.

tall bucket trucks over 100 feet for sale

A tall bucket truck being tested at I-80 Equipment

Linemen are frequently out at all times during the day and night to make sure town and city residents are not without power. After storms, these operators are hard at work to make sure any damaged lines are repaired accurately, quickly, and safely. Power lines may not seem tall when you’re driving past them on the streets, but most of them can reach heights of 75 feet and taller. Repairing lines and replacing defective transformers require linemen to have the capability of reaching the very top of the power poles. This can be a tough feat to accomplish, and that’s why linemen rely on the tallest bucket trucks they can work with. Without the tallest bucket trucks, electricity and other utilities would not get repaired quickly and could result in extended power outages.

With the ever booming oil industry, tall bucket trucks are in high demand. Although it takes other utility equipment to install the power lines and rigs, tall bucket trucks are needed to maintain the lines and rigs. Workers are skillfully trained in using bucket trucks to apply any repairs needed to power lines and the rigs themselves in excess of 100 feet. The oil industry is a business that cannot afford to take any shortcuts or wait for costly repairs to be done by other companies. With bucket trucks being readily available for use at the oil site, it can help maintain the stability and the amount of oil being pumped every day without any issues.

Another reason to use a 100 foot bucket truck is to trim really tall trees. Sure, there are forestry trucks out there for tree trimming, but not all of them have the capacity of reaching the tallest limbs. In this case, taller bucket trucks are needed to reach the highest point of the tree in order to safely remove the tree top. Tree trimmers want to make sure that they can easily reach the tallest limbs and branches and cut small sections first in order to reduce to risk of injury or damage to the equipment. Bucket trucks that reach a hundred feet and taller can guarantee the removal of even the tallest of trees.

For certain tasks and jobs, the taller the bucket truck the better your chances of finishing an assignment on time and without any problems. Bucket trucks reaching a hundred feet or more will reduce the chances of operators having to delay a job because the truck isn’t tall enough. For any job that requires a bucket truck, it is essential to know the heights that need to be met and use the proper utility trucks to finish those tasks at hand.

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