Denver Storm Cleanup – Bucket Trucks Staying Busy


DENVER, COLORADO – Despite the heavy snow and widespread tree damage, it could have been worse.

“We just missed having a major tree-trimming episode,” said Denver Forester, Rob Davis. “I was very nervous waking up, but we were lucky, just a couple of inches of more snow and we would have lost many, many more trees. As it was, we lost some big, older, broad-leaf trees. Those kinds almost hold snow, if you will.”

All over the city you could spot tree company bucket trucks with trimmers doing their limb to limb tight rope, as they cut branches and limbs that had broken-bended but not fallen yet.

“I came out here to make sure this huge limb was off the sidewalk and out of the way for those trying to walk by, “ said Floyd Pride, who had chain saw in hand.

There are city drop off points that will open this weekend for those who want to haul off branches and limbs. Many cities are offering to pick up bundled and tied branches if you leave them at the curb.

As the sun came out, so did the color the snow had been covering. So, for at least one more weekend we will get to see some of the great leaf color we’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks.

“We just got back from New England and they had very little color this fall, our foliage has been just amazing this year,” said Kathleen O’Connor, who decided to take down a pair of 100-year old Walnut trees that grew up with her home in Park Hill. “All we can do is re-plant, but boy does our house look different without them!”

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