Digger Derricks – What Are They Good For?

Digger derricks are trucks with several uses and functions. Basically, they help install and maintain large vertical structures such as lamp posts, oil rigs, and electrical or telephone poles. Industries involved in oil, electricity, telecommunications and construction are only some of the businesses that make good use of these massive trucks.

Before digger derricks were made available on the market, a large group of people was needed to dig the holes and prop up the posts. Over time, more posts needed to be erected over a long distance, making manual labor costly, inefficient, and no longer practical. Manually digging, propping up and maintaining the posts also took longer. The invention of the derrick made it easier and quicker to perform such tasks and more.

The truck’s main purpose is to set up a pole. Aptly named the digger derrick, one of the truck’s functions is to dig a hole deep in the ground. To perform this function, a long and wide earth auger is attached at the end of a boom-like device. The tool is powered by a hydraulic mechanism. This tool can dig a hole 18 inches wide and around 10 feet deep. It can even bore through solid rock. The boom on a digger derrick can also be used to lift a pole and keep it straight before it is plumbed. When in use, digger derricks are parked and stabilized using. This will keep the truck steady while boring a hole in the ground or propping up the beam or post. A bucket can also be attached at the end of the boom which can help lift workers and equipment to a desired height.

Different industries have varying uses for digger derricks. For instance, the telecommunications and electrical industry use the derrick to fix telephone lines and electrical wires. The same device can also be used to trim impeding branches. Government agencies involved with fixing public structures also use the derrick to bring personnel down underneath streets to dig holes or fix potholes.

Although the invention of digger derricks has made the performance of certain tasks quicker and easier, it is still a massive device which can cause a lot of damage when used incorrectly. Controllers need to be well-versed in how the derrick functions and works. Other personnel should also remember to wear safety gear at all times. This reduces the risk of being hit with debris while working.

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