Holiday Decorating Bucket Truck Style

Using Bucket Trucks to Spread Some Holiday Cheer

The holidays are right around the corner, and in addition to preparing the dinner for your family and friends, you may be focusing on assembling a nice holiday display to brighten (or wow) the community. For larger projects or those afraid of heights, bucket trucks commonly do the trick in professional decoration settings, i.e. stores or office buildings, or to decorate the big tree in the Town Square. These are commonly used by professionals or those in an industrial setting.

With a bucket truck, the moving cab provides a little more stability and versatility, as opposed to a traditional stepladder. A ladder propped against a large tree or building is probably not the most feasible option, especially in windy outdoor conditions. A bucket truck also gets the 

job done quicker, cutting the decoration time in half. In addition, the mobility of the bucket allows you to hang lights and ornaments faster.

Below are a few examples of bucket trucks in holiday decorating action:


The New York State Office of General Services stringing lights on the Christmas tree
on the east side of the capitol. –

Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative lineman getting in the season with
the help of their Altec bucket truck. –


It is also possible to use a bucket truck in residential settings, especially on taller homes. It is also a little safer than walking across a slanted roof, where one wrong step could lead to a fall, and possibly a trip to the ER. The truck’s cab also maneuvers easier than a ladder, which means you will not have to keep moving the ladder every couple of feet, also helping you get the job done quicker. When it is time to take everything down in January (or April for the late ones), the bucket also helps you take down your decorations quicker and easier.

Whether you are trying to win the local neighborhood decorating contest, or need a simple, efficient option, contact I-80 Equipment today. We can help you get started and find the right machinery to take care of your holiday and everyday needs. Check out the convenience offered by an I-80 bucket truck today!

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