Keeping Your Bucket Truck Fit

If you want to get optimum performance out of your truck, you need to keep it fit. An unfit truck won’t allow you to work at 100% efficiency which could cost you money.

To keep a truck on the road, regular maintenance is essential. Operators need to make sure that the inspect key parts on their trucks before taking them out. Headlights, turn signals, wipers, hydraulic lines, PTO and outriggers are all essential for safe operation. A bucket truck has to withstand changing climate factors too, such as rain, fog and snow. Proper performance and safety depend on regular inspections and replacement of worn parts.

Most Fleet vehicles require a strict maintenance schedule. The schedule is based on the operating hours or the odometer reading. Oil changes are typically based on the number of miles, while hydraulic levels are based on the hours of operation. Daily inspection is also necessary to check parts that are prone to damage when the vehicle is used regularly.

Checking the hydraulic lift a mandatory inspection that needs to be done before you begin operation. Before you start the inspection, turn off the engine, bring the lift to neutral position and release the hydraulic pressure. There must be no leakage in the system. Equal tire pressure is also essential to ensure stable operation. Make sure that the boom arm shows no indication of metal fatigue such as cracks or misalignment. OSHA requires standard safety checkpoints that must be reviewed by the truck operator before using any aerial lift.

Bucket truck sales  and service, can be sourced through several reputable Dealers. Proper maintenance will hold down operating costs. You need to exercise caution when you see a bucket truck for sale. Purchase your vehicles from reputable dealers and make sure that all recall notices have been addressed.

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