Making Sure Your Bucket Truck Doesn’t become an Accident

A bucket truck caught fire recently on Clarendon Avenue in West Somerville. No one got injured in the accident, thanks to the efforts of a fellow operator who rescued two workers from their bucket truck. It was the bucket that first caught fire which quickly engulfed the boom and subsequently caused damage to a parked car.

The culprit behind the fire was a hydraulic fluid leak. The incident just reinforces the many safety issues and concerns related to bucket trucks. It’s imperative that operators check all fluids, lights, outriggers and booms before heading out onto public streets.

When taking out a bucket truck near electric poles for work, make sure that the bucket is adequately insulated. If your work is electrical in nature such as hanging lights or electrical signs, use approved protective gear. Ground workers around the truck must avoid physical contact with any part of the truck when it is being used near electrical lines.

Tire pressure and hydraulic lines must be checked before beginning operation. Truck operators need to make sure that all systems are operating steadily while the vehicle is idling. Check for any cracks or signs of brittleness around the hydraulic hoses. Also make sure that the boom structure of the truck has no sign of metal fatigue.

Many times people are not careful enough when buying used bucket trucks  which later can become a liability. They buy directly from the owner and later do not get it retrofitted or inspected adequately. The mistake could prove costly or even deadly.

If you use reconditioned trucks (as most people do) make sure that you buy it from a reputable dealer who has the proper facilities to work on the trucks and make them field fit. Look for a company which has been engaged in used bucket truck sales  for a while. It would more or less ascertain that the truck you buy is worthy enough for the road. It is also the best way of avoiding any Clarendon type accidents at your truck.

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