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Bucket trucks are some of the most useful vehicles in any community. They are responsible for making it possible for laborers to safely work on power and telephone lines, as well as traffic signals. Additionally, they are incredibly useful in the logging industry. If you are not immediately familiar with the definition of a bucket truck, you have probably seen them working near you. They are usually recognizable as large utility trucks with a hydraulically-operated bucket. Workers stand in the bucket while the truck is parked, and they are able to reach high places with great ease. Even though scaffolding and high ladders can accomplish the same work, bucket trucks are more efficient, and they take up much less space. The most well-known name in the industry is Hi Ranger. In fact, the next time you see such a truck in operation, chances are it will be one of the many Hi Ranger bucket trucks in operation today.

Hi Ranger bucket trucks have been around for decades, and they set the standard by which all other bucket trucks are judged. Years ago, Hi Ranger was the first producer of bucket trucks to manufacture a dielectric boom that was fully insulated. This made the machines much more efficient and safe. Hi Ranger also innovated a means of supplying low pressure hydraulic power to the controls of the boom. The controls were operated using a simple, but sensitive joystick that was known for being very easy to use. Big movements were made easy, and operators were able to fine-tune their actions with the greatest of ease. Because of these innovations, Hi Ranger bucket trucks were copied endlessly by other manufacturers until Hi Ranger's many revolutionary designs were co opted by the industry at large.

hirangerbuckettrucksThese days, the Hi Ranger brand is owned by the Terex Telelect company. Terex is another reputable company that has been in existence for decades, and they are responsible for the current lineup of Hi Ranger bucket trucks. Currently, Hi Rangers continue to be known for safety and ease of operation. Many different models and styles are available, and the company caters to the needs of municipalities, local governments and the logging industry. Because Terex and Hi Ranger are such well-known names in the industry, getting service done on these vehicles is easy, and there are numerous facilities around the world at which service can be performed on Hi Ranger bucket trucks.

Looking to the future, the Hi Ranger name will continue to symbolize the finest equipment in the industry. Terex Telelect is committed to keeping Hi Rangers at the top of the list of the best such machines available. The company is also continuously looking at new ways to make the trucks safer and more efficient. As time goes on and communities continue to grow, Hi Ranger bucket trucks will be around to make some of the toughest jobs easy and effortless.

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