All major components are disassembled and soaked in degreaser to loosen dirt and grime. They are then power washed to remove any remaining residue.  This crucial step allows our highly trained staff of ASE-Certified technicians to accurately and thoroughly evaluate the structural and mechanical integrity of the vehicle from the frame and engine to the hydraulic cylinders, gaskets and seals.

How this step is different:  Most dealerships simply evaluate the vehicle  without disassembling and cleaning it. This increases the risk of missing problem areas which may cause downtime or reduced performance.

Why this step matters:  When you buy a TEQ-Certified vehicle from I-80 Equipment, you know that ALL components visible or not have been inspected by an ASE-Certified Technician.


After the engine and all components have been thoroughly cleaned, the exterior and interior are disassembled and inspected for operating performance and integrity.  Corroded or damaged metal is removed for replacement or repair in I-80 Equipment's on-site, full metal fabrication shop.  Lights, grills and accessories are also inspected, repaired or replaced.  This is the step in the process where special equipment orders are completed. Examples include the addition of custom cabinets, overhead racks, custom lights or any other customer requested add-on.  Finally, the interior of the cab is inspected and damaged upholstery is replaced or repaired.

How this step is different:  Most dealerships limit their cosmetic inspection to a simple walk around and possibly "spot" repair on the exterior to cover rust or damage. Most pre-owned truck dealerships are limited to the trucks they have in stock as they are outfitted because they simply do not have the expertise and operational facilities to customize the vehicles.

Why this matters: You can count on your vehicle looking as good as it operates and know that the durability and life of the exterior will be significantly better than that of typical pre-owned trucks.  You need only ask for special accessories, components or customization.  This is one of the areas where  I-80 Equipment shines and takes great pride in its trucks.  A truck purchased from I-80 Equipment truly is "like" new and equipped specifically for your needs.


The wheels, bumpers, fuel tanks, wheel wells, frame, utility body and any other areas that require surface correction will be taken to the sandblast bay and prepared for further body work.  Imperfections are hand-pounded and filled with high quality Fiberglass Evercoat filler where needed.  Fiberglass parts are reinforced with fiberglass cloth and resin when appropriate to ensure integrity in the repair.  Parts are then hand-sanded and smoothed.  As a final step before primer is applied, all surfaces are wiped down with pre-cleaner to ensure an optimal, residue-free surface.

How this step is different:  Most dealerships do not have complete body shops.  I-80 Equipment is the only National Bucket Truck Dealership with a complete fabrication shop, sandblasting bay and body shop.

Why this step matters: You know that all exterior metal surfaces have truly been brought back to like-new condition. No rust is hidden in seams or interior metal areas.  Every truck I-80 Equipment reconditions is a reflection on us so we proudly display the I-80 Equipment brand on every one.  You can be assured that the beautiful finish on the truck you purchase will last!



An etch primer is used on metal surfaces for proper adhesion. Other prepared surfaces are primed with a Sherwin Williams 2K catalyzed primer.  To ensure excellent corrosion resistance, durability and protection from road conditions a rubberized undercoating is applied.  Next, a 2K Sherwin Williams acrylic urethane paint is carefully applied by ASE certified technicians.  Finally, LINE-X, a specially formulated protective polymer material is sprayed on each vehicle bed, walkways and other heavy impact areas.

How this step is different:  As is the case with sandblasting, most dealerships simply do not have complete body shops and don't use high quality products like Sherwin Williams 2K acrylic urethane paint and LINE-X bed protection polymers in their process. Sherwin Williams acrylic urethane paint is a higher quality and more modern technology than the lower-cost enamel alternative.  It holds its high-gloss finish longer, is chip-resistant and is impervious to chemical exposure.  LINE-X protective bed polymer significantly extends the vehicle's life expectancy. It has a high "shoreD" hardness rating and superior tensile strengths (up to 6,600 psi) resulting in outstanding abrasion resistance.  Because LINE-X is sprayed on the bed and walkways, there is a complete seal making the surfaces "water tight" to further resist rust.

Why this step matters:  You know that the exterior not only looks good, but will also perform well under all road conditions and will far outlast any pre-owned vehicle sold as-is or simply cleaned and spot finished for sale.  Whether your truck is a standard color or a specialty custom color, you'll be proud to own it today – and for years to come.



Once the paint has cured and passed inspection, the vehicle is reassembled.  Decals, complete body-wrapped graphics, custom cabinets, strobe lights and other types of customization are performed during this step in the process.  Finally, the exterior paint is buffed and finished with a hand glaze and the interior is completely detailed top to bottom.

How this step is different:  No other National Bucket Truck Dealership provides the same level of top to bottom inspection, testing and reconditioning that I-80 Equipment provides. Period.  I-80 Equipment offers by far, the most comprehensive and flexible customization options in the industry.

Why this step matters: You not only get the quality you want, you get the truck you want – customized and finished to your specific needs to enhance your own company's image.



Each vehicle receives a 100-point inspection of the degreased and thoroughly cleaned engine, power train, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical system, cab and chassis, tires, wheels and rims. Parts and assemblies falling short of I-80 Equipment's high-quality standards are remanufactured in the I-80 Equipment machine shop or replaced to bring the vehicle to like-new condition.

How this step is different:  Most dealerships sell their bucket trucks "as is".  Others, such as OEM manufacturers will inspect the equipment on the truck but do very little to verify or improve the performance of the chassis.  I-80 Equipment specializes in Total Equipment Quality (TEQ) Certification which means we use the same high-quality standards to evaluate and recondition the entire truck, body, equipment and chassis.

Why this step matters: You know that the chassis has been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to the highest industry standards.



Booms, Augers, Grapples and other equipment receive a 214-point inspection utilizing state-of-the-art hydraulic pressure, cylinder and dielectric testing to ensure they meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI inspection standards of safety and performance.  Parts or assemblies falling short of I-80 Equipment's high-quality standards are remanufactured or replaced to return the equipment to like-new performance.

How this step is different:  Most dealerships perform minimal testing and very little, if any, reconditioning claiming that the truck is a newer model and doesn't need work.  I-80 Equipment thoroughly inspects the equipment on every truck regardless of the model year.

Why this step matters:  You buy with the confidence of knowing that the best in the industry have taken every step possible to ensure the equipment on your vehicle will work properly and without failure. You buy knowing that no quality processes have been skipped for any reason and that the standards used in our evaluation are the highest in the industry.



Performance verification is perhaps the most critical step in the process.  Every TEQ-Certified vehicle is road-tested for a minimum of 100 miles and ASE-Certified Quality Control Technicians re-test all mechanicals on the chassis and work equipment to verify proper operation and like-new performance.

How this step is different: No one else in the industry verifies performance like I-80 Equipment.  In fact, most dealerships will trailer your vehicle to you rather than risk mechanical problems surfacing on the drive to your location. We're not worried.  In fact, we prefer that potential issues surface before you take possession of your truck.  While most failing or near failing parts are identified earlier in the process, some trickier issues will not present themselves until the truck is driven and tested at least several hours. We prefer to find and correct those issues before you ever receive your truck.

Why this step matters:  You know your truck has not just been tested and started up. It has been put on the road for at least 100 miles and the performance has been verified by ASE Certified Technicians.

Step 8-2


Following Performance Verification, an operational performance video is created. Quality engineers are recorded as they conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle and all of its equipment.  The video gives our buyers a close look at everything from the tire tread, body finish and interior to the engine compartment, operational controls and utility storage compartments.  Quality engineers record the start-up and sound of the engine, demonstrate the complete engagement of the device and provide operational instruction and related safety advice to ensure the buyer is completely satisfied with the vehicle and equipment before taking possession of it.

How this step is different:  I-80 Equipment is the only Nation-wide provider of previously-owned bucket trucks in the industry that creates video operation and documentation of its vehicles.

Why this step matters: You have two options for conducting a final evaluation of your vehicle: You can visit our facility to inspect your truck personally or let our quality engineers inspect it for you while documenting the performance and condition of the entire vehicle.  The video also provides operating instructions, safety reminders where applicable and the the opportunity to look over the vehicle at your facility and at your convenience.



Once the Operational Performance Video is completed, the Director of Quality gives final approval to designate the vehicle as TEQ-Certified, meaning is passes I-80 Equipment's highest standards of Total Equipment Quality – inside and out, top to bottom.

How this step is different: I-80 Equipment is the only dealership in the United States the TEQ Certifies bucket trucks. No one is as comprehensive in the preparation of vehicles and  no one understands the industry better

Why this step matters: TEQ Certified vehicles from I-80 Equipment are the highest quality,most reliable pre-owned bucket trucks on the market.  They are backed by a 30-day/ 3,000 mile warranty and the service support of a full team of ASE Certified Technicians.


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