So, What is a Grapple Truck?

image of a grapple truck

The grapple loader on the back of a grapple truck

A grapple truck is a utility truck that has a large grapple loader attached to its frame, which is used for loading bulky and heavy items or waste. The grapple loader allows operators the freedom and convenience of only using one truck to load, carry, and transport heavy shipments. Grapple trucks save time and money for companies by cutting down the amount of machinery and manpower needed to complete an entire job, no matter how big the task may be. Grapple trucks are primarily used for waste collection, municipal sanitation, public works, road, commercial, residential, and industrial construction and demolition, but these utility trucks can also be used for any other assignment deemed necessary by companies and/or individuals who have a large task needing completed.

The grapple loader is a hydro-mechanical device that can rotate a full 360 degrees from its access to collect waste or materials needed for a job. This full rotation capability allows the grapple truck to be able to pick up any item from all sides of the truck and makes completing and cleaning up a job site a quick a simple feat to accomplish. Most grapple trucks can include a dump bed on the chassis, which give the truck an even larger capacity for carrying heavy loads. Other grapple trucks are also equipped with rear-steering capability and are very convenient for its operators. With the rear-steering functions, truck drivers can operate the grapple loader from inside the cab of the truck and drive backwards to collect waste and other items in hard to reach areas. No matter what kind of job your company needs a grapple truck for, there are enough options and models available on the market to purchase the perfect grapple truck for you and your company.

Although grapple trucks can be a very expensive vehicle to purchase, these trucks will quickly give you a great return on investment. Do some research and try to compare different models and take time to find the best match for what you need the grapple truck to complete for you on a daily basis. If you don’t think you can afford to purchase a brand new model, I-80 Equipment has a great selection of used grapple trucks to fit any budget. The available trucks we have at I-80 are well maintained and are run through a variety of courses to ensure that each truck is in perfect running and operating condition. Please check out our website or give us a call to find out about our available grapple trucks. We are committed to working with our customers to find them the best truck for their budget and their company.

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