Tips for Growing Your Sign & Light Company

Sign and light companies are a great business and one that almost every business owner utilizes. The sign and light market is often dominated by a handful of well-known and established companies. It can be extremely hard to break into a market but as with any endeavor, hard work pays off. In this post, we’ll look at ways sign and light companies can acquire new business and grow their client base.

A Used Sign Truck for SaleThe first and most obvious way to get new business is to drive around at night and search for parking lots or signs that have lights burned out. Write down as many locations as you can and contact them the next day. This is a definitely a numbers game and the more you do, the better you get at it. You’ll have to be careful when quoting prices as there may be some unseen labor or techincality that arises but you can do your best to accommadate the potential client.

Our second option is one for fairly computer saavy business owners. Post your services online on free classifieds sites like Craigslist or Oodle. Make sure to cover as much as you can in your listings. A catchy title can go a long way, make sure you think about one and consider the words someone might search to find you.

Another way to get business is by networking. Go to conventions, join your local Chamber of Commerce, meet people. The more people you contact, the better chance you have of gaining new customers. Take your networking online to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. There may be other niche sites and forums related to networking in your area.

Lastly, consider mass mailers. It’s easy to type up a small newsletter/mailer and put a stamp on it. Send out the mailer to every business you can find. This is another numbers game but one that’s more cost-effective than television and radio spots.

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