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Dur-A-Lift DVS-29TS-2017 Ford E-350 4×2 Bucket Van

As low as $1,361/month with approved credit.


    **********2 year Parts and Labor Warranty******
    Dur- A-Lift DVS 29
    Working Height, Minimum 34'
    Horizontal Reach, Standard Basket 21'
    Horizontal Reach, End Hung Basket 23'
    Approx. Stowed Travel Height 9'-8"
    Extension Boom Travel Extends 9'
    Main Boom Travel -5° to +80°
    Basket Capacity 350 lbs.
    Installed Weight (Approx.) 1950 lbs.
    Chassis Requirement 9600 GVW
    Front Axle Requirement (Minimum) 3900 lbs.
    1. 24" x 24" x 42" Fiberglass Basket with Side Opening.
    2. Boom Support Post inside van and Rubber Coated Saddle on roof.
    3. Steel Extension Boom.
    4. Oil Tank with Sight Gauge in Pedestal.
    5. Self Locking Shearball Gear Drive Rotation.
    6. Individual Upper Controls and Lower Overrride Controls.
    7. Two Maintenance/Operators Manuals.
    8. 20" X 22" Pedestal.
    9. Safety Harness and Lanyard.
    10. 370° Non-Continuous Rotation.
    11. Gate Valve in Suction Line.
    12. 10 Micron Filter in Return Line.
    13. Boom Tie Down.
    14. Epoxy Primer with White Finish Color.
    15. Gravity Basket Leveling.
    16. Work Position Locking Pin.
    17. 110 Volt Outlet at Basket.
    18. Open Center Hydraulic System.
    19. Curbside Basket Mounting.
    20. 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
    NOTE: For D.C. Backup, Torsion Bar, Throttle Advance, and Other Options- Contact one of our truck specialists

    Distance 36000 miles Months 36 months
    Distance 60000 miles Months 60 months
    Corrosion Perforation
    Distance Unlimited miles Months 60 months
    Roadside Assistance
    Distance 60000 miles Months 60 months
    Diesel Engine
    Distance 100000 miles Months 60 months

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