Connecticut Bucket Trucks

Reconditioned Used Bucket Truck Sales in Connecticut

trucklocatorLocated in New England, Connecticut is one of the most picturesque states on the East Coast. Views of the Pacific are the biggest envy of those living further inland. But with those views and locale right off the ocean, there is always the risk of hurricanes. High winds and lots of rain, can force the state into power outtages and downed power lines and trees.Having used bucket trucks, digger derricks, and boom trucks on hand is a critical way to get the lines back up and power back on. I-80 Equipment has these utility trucks ready for your taking.

These reconditioned and used utility bucket trucks also come with a 4-wheel drive option, which can be a real asset when having to drive into muddy areas to fix lines, replace a sign that's lived through those high winds, or even come to repair lines in a snow or ice storm. WIth unexpected weather, it's nice to know that you can rely on these bucket trucks to help you make a speedy repair and get the job done right. At I-80, we have a number of these trucks available at a special discount for customers located in Hartford, New Haven, Torrington and Danbury.

Our Inventory of Bucket Trucks

To check out all the available used bucket trucks, boom trucks and digger derricks we have in stock. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-509-9566, for any questions you may have or to purchase a utility truck. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal at I-80 Equipment.

Connecticut Bucket Trucks

Connecticut is known for its Colonial houses and being one of the original 13 Colonies. Though small in size, this state has a large population making it the 4th most densely populated State in the US. Serving to such a populous, various utility industries rely on our superb quality heavy duty used bucket trucks, grapple trucks and boom trucks. In addition to that, the coastal forests of maple, oaks and hickories in the Northeast and Acadian forests provide foresters and Tree Service companies with plenty of work. I-80 Equipment's lineup of forestry trucks assist your staff in keeping your business moving.

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