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The Crossroads of America, Indiana is known for its rich farmland and the enticing beauty of rural tourist attractions, such as Amish Acres in Nappanee. With the agriculture industry at a climb, a utility truck from I-80 Equipment can be a solution to post digging and building fences with a digger derrick, or clearing trees with a forestry truck or bucket truck. A used utility truck can help you accomplish any feat out on the farm, business or home.

Accomplish Even More

Indiana is not only known for its rural appeal, but also its rapidly growing economy in business and manufacturing operations. Utility trucks can help your business repair signs for advertisement purposes, clear branches, or even help you decorate for the holidays. Another common tourist attraction in Indiana are theme parks. A used utility truck can be a huge asset for those parks when needing to repair rides, freshen the paint on different buildings around the property and help keep trees neat and trimmed. With a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment, there's a solution for everything.

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Indiana Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

Indiana, a state of fertile farmland and rich natural resources, has several utility service industries. Once termed as a farming state, Indiana now has a diversified economy with gradual growth in manufacturing, real estate, energy and business operations. To maintain the pace of growth in these industries, we offer a large selection of used Bucket Trucks, Digger Derrick and Boom Trucks for your business operations. I-80 Equipment is recognized for our quality service and industry leading prices. So, if you want to buy used bucket trucks, Digger Derricks and Boom Trucks to grow your business, we can provide you the best deal.

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