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trucklocatorPopularly known as the 'Bluegrass State', Kentucky is a prime example of nature's beauty at its finest. Louisville and Lexington areas are huge tourist attractions for those that love to see horse ranches and races. Those bright white fences that greet visitors as they drive down the streets and see horses trotting and galloping along the way. Having a utility truck from I-80 Equipment can help ranch owners keep their property in pristine shape. Digger derricks can be a great piece of equipment to have on hand when needing to dig new post holes for fencing, or when needing to build new pole barns. Bucket trucks can even help manicure those pastures when an unsightly branch needs cut down, or even when an entire tree needs cut down. A utility truck from I-80 is something every ranch and farm owner can rely on for any job.

Even More Reasons to Buy from I-80 Equipment

Aside from residential and ranch purposes, utility bucket trucks can help businesses with maintaining the facade of the buildings. For example, a bucket truck can help people reach heights of up to 75 feet in the air to clean windows, paint, or even hang decorations. Utility trucks can also help businesses reach their billboards and signs when paint needs freshened up or when they need letter replacement or other repairs. Having such utility trucks from I-80 Equipment can help businesses become independent from renting or paying for painting and repair services. There's no reason not to check into the convenience and great prices of a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment.

Seasonal Specials

We are currently offering great deals for customers in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Edgewood, and surrounding areas.

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View our used bucket trucks to see our current inventory. And if you would like to place an order or to inquire about a few things first, please give us a call at 1-888-509-9566. We would love nothing more than to help you in all your utility truck needs. Visit our contact page to reach us on our website.

Kentucky Bucket Trucks

Known for its Blue Grass, Thoroughbred Horses and vast natural resources, transportation and automotive industries have also become a growing part of Kentucky's economy. I-80 Equipment offers a wide range of used Bucket Trucks, Boom Trucks and Digger Derrick Trucks than can help with the growing economy of Kentucky. We offer our customers excellent reconditioned trucks to meet their every need as well as stay within their budget. Our trucks are thoroughly checked before delivery to ensure that they perform as expected.. We have a team of competent technicians who make sure these trucks are reliable.

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