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Called 'The Pine Tree State', Maine is known for it's beautiful landscape along the Appalachian Mountains. The Maine Highlands that border Canada are perhaps the most well-known mountain ranges in the country. Known for their beauty and the war between Maine and Canada, there is no question these ranges are home to many of the pine trees the state is nicknamed for. WIth all these trees, a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment would be a great way to cut down those trees as needed. The forestry industry is one of the biggest economies in Maine, and utility trucks are one of the keys to their success. I-80 Equipment also has forestry trucks that are specifically made to cater to a wood cutter's neeeds. With any used utility truck from I-80 Equipment, tree cutting can be a breeze.

More Reasons to Buy Utility Trucks

Aside from the forestry industry, Maine also has thriving businesses in shipbuilding, electricity and paper. Any utility bucket truck from I-80 Equipment can help each of these industries thrive. For shipbuilding, bucket trucks can help reach the high heights when repairs are needed. And the same goes for electricity power lines. When new lines need put up or new poles need set, bucket trucks and digger derricks are at the ready to help anyone finish those tasks. There's no reason not to try out a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment.

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Maine Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

Maine is a forest based economy with shipbuilding, paper-making, wood and electricity production. With these core economic activities, utility vehicles like Bucket Trucks, Tree Trucks and Digger Derricks have fast become a necessity for these industries to thrive. I-80 Equipment is a reputable dealer that specializes in reconditioning these types of vehicles. Our high performing used utility vehicles such as Tree Trucks, Bucket Trucks and Digger Derrick Trucks have garnered a great reputation amongst reconditioned truck Dealers.. We offer our customers access to our full online inventory only after careful inspection, both cosmetic and mechanical.

Special Rates for Maine Locals

We are currently offering great deals for customers located in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, West Scarborough.

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