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Nevada is known for its booming cities like Las Vegas, Carson City, Reno and Laughlin along with calm and secluded places like lake Tahoe and Pinyon/Juniper woodlands. From around the world, visitors flock to these places every year. Adding to its large tourism industry, Nevada has ample gold and silver mines that give a boost to its economy. Amidst the many utility business opportunities this state offers, your company can benefit from having utility trucks with easy and reliable operations to finish your jobs within the specified time frame. Check out the extensive selection of used trucks along with the relevant info on our website to choose the equipment that's suitable for your business.

Nicknamed the 'Silver State', Nevada is one of the most famous states in our country. The state received its nickname in 1859 when silver was found at Comstock Lode. That silver created a population boom, and Nevada has had a growing residential rate ever since. And that was even before the allure of Las Vegas.

Tourism is the biggest industry for the state's economy, mostly concentrated in Reno and Vegas. With new hotels and casinos being built every year, used utility trucks from I-80 Equipment can help in a number of aspects for these businesses. Bucket trucks allow high hotel windows to be washed and repaired. These trucks can also help in the construction stages of these businesses.

Aside from the bright lights in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada is also known for its varied landscape. Arid deserts, snow-capped mountain ranges, along with the picturesque Lake Tahoe are also huge tourist attraction for the state. Bucket trucks from I-80 Equipment are a great piece of equipment to have for putting in new power lines around all of those regions; these trucks are capable of adapting to any weather conditions and are available in 4-wheel drive, which is a remarkable thing to have when driving in snow covered roads or muddy terrain.

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