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Used Bucket Trucks for Sale in New Jersey

I-80 Equipment teams up with business owners in New Jersey and gives them the edge on the competition by providing them the best used bucket trucks, digger derricks, boom trucks, forestry bucket trucks, and more. We at I-80 Equipment have the highest standards for the reconditioned used utility trucks we sell. We only sell the best and no other dealer can compare. When you want a bucket truck that will last, provide excellent return on investment, and be safe, you need a bucket truck from I-80 Equipment.

Our trucks undergo a rigorous reconditioning process that is head-and-shoulders above any other dealer claiming to recondition equipment. Find out for yourself on our step-by-step recondition page. You won't get a look into any other reconditioning process like this. Another advantage is the 30 day or 30k mile warranty provided exclusively to New Jersey Customers from I-80 Equipment.

Want to buy a bucket truck from I-80 Equipment? Here's how.

Call 1-888-509-9566 if you are interested in buying a bucket truck, digger derrick, boom truck, forestry truck, grapple truck, or any other utility truck we have for sale. Other ways to contact us are: email or fill out our contact form. Browse our inventory of reconditioned used bucket trucks for more indepth info and images of our equipment.

We provide equipment to the best in your industry. Our customer service is uncomparable in the utility truck sales industry. We provide free 1-way airfare to customers from Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Atlantic City, Elizabeth, Trenton, Camden, and any other city in NJ. Contact us today and grow your business with the quality used bucket trucks and more from I-80 Equipment.

New Jersey Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

New Jersey is a Northeastern state of the USA that has a great historical significance. The state is a witness to several decisive battles during the American Revolutionary War. The strong economy of New Jersey is based on the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunication, electric equipment, forestry and energy. When it comes to utility service companies, they rely on high-performance utility trucks to operate their business safely and efficiently. Bucket Trucks help them increase their work and reduce the overall labor cost. If your company is looking for used Bucket Trucks for sale, we are the most reliable place where they can find fully refurbished and expertly maintained utility trucks at competitive rates.

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