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Bucket Trucks For Sale in North Dakota

Known as the Peace Garden State, North Dakota is one of the most picturesque state in the country. With wide open spaces, it's no wonder that agriculture is one of the state's biggest industries. With wheat, potatoes, corn, soybean, and even livestock being huge contrbutors to North Dakota's economy. Whether working out on the farm or out in the fields, a used bucket truck from I-80 Equipment can make any task and easier feat. Digger Derricks can aid in the repair and installation of fence posts and pole for barns. Bucket trucks help repair roofs, hay lofts, and trimming trees when it is needed. Out on the land with unpredictable weather, I-80 Equipment can provide a 4-wheel drive option for muddy, snowy, and icy terrain. Utility bucket trucks are one of the biggest assets in the agriculture industry, and we've got a great selection to choose from here at I-80.

More Reasons to Purchase a Utility Truck

Aside from the agriculture industry, North Dakota's economy is also made up of coal mining, manufacturing, energy and telecommunications, to name just a few others. Any used utility truck from I-80 can help any one of these business avenues. Electric companies rely heavily on bucket trucks for their line repairs. These utility trucks help repairmen reach heights of up to 75 feet and make it easy to reach the trickiest of places. Telecommunication companies have been purchasing Digger Derricks at a fast rate, and as a result, more towers are up in shorter amounts of time. If you're in need of a truck that can work hard on a daily basis, we've got what you need.


Tourism and Utility Trucks

With tourism playing a huge role in North Dakota, more companies are beginning to purchase utility trucks for advertisement purposes. With the State Fair, Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Scandinavian Festival, millions of visitors flock to these attractions and other, each year. Bucket trucks are a great tool to have when needing to repair advertising signs, billboards and outdoor lights that greet guests every night. Bucket trucks can help your business make these repairs without having to hire an outside company. Utility trucks from I-80 Equipment help keep money and make money for your business.

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Special Rates for North Dakota Residents

We are currently offering huge discounts for new and repeat customers in Fargo, Bismark, Grand Forks, Minot, and surrounding areas. Call us now to take advantage of these great deals!

North Dakota Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

North Dakota is considered part of the High Plains in the Midwest – while not heavily populated, North Dakotans enjoy the lowest unemployment rate in the Nation. Agriculture and Energy are major contributors to North Dakota's Economy. I-80 Equipment has helped company's in the State expand their business with quality used Bucket Trucks, Digger Derricks and Crane Trucks. Telecommunications companies have be a prominent buyer of Digger Derricks. We support numerous industries by offering them the best quality pre-owned trucks at best prices. What makes us different is our service and dedication to our customers. You'll find honesty and transparency in our deals for used trucks. No matter what your business needs are, you will surely find the best vehicle suited to your operation from our large selection of used trucks.

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