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Known as the Native America State, Oklahoma is famous for its countless Indian reservations and its economy based largely on agriculture. During the middle of the 20th century, the state began to see a shift into other spectrums of industry. Agriculture is still the top acheiver for Oklahoma, but manufacturing, oil, natural gas, retail and real estate are quickly climbing the state's industrial ladder. Utility trucks from I-80 Equipment are a huge asset for these businesses and can help up-and-coming companies start seeing return on their investment even faster.

Utility Trucks Work for Oklahomans

Bucket trucks and digger derricks are the most popular choices for companies in Oklahoma. With several companies across the state working in tree trimming, bucket trucks and forestry trucks from I-80 are a must have. These utility trucks can help trimmers reach heights or 75 feet and even higher, if needed. And with the unpredictable weather in Oklahoma, whether it's heavy rains or an ice storm, bucket truck and forestry trucks are available in 4-wheel drive. No limb is out of reach with a truck from I-80.

More Uses for Utility Trucks

Tree trimming isn't the only business where our trucks are an asset. In real estate, several investors use our trucks for renovation. Whether it's for washing windows on a two-story house, painting eaves, or repairing foundations, we have the perfect truck for any job. Bucket trucks are often used in making repairs to oil rigs when the need for height is essential. And any company that does advertising can rely on a bucket truck to repair signs, touch up faded paint and put up new signs. Whether your company is out on the farm or on the one of the busiest streets in the city, utility trucks can help your business make its own repairs, upkeeps and more without the need of hiring an outside company.

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Oklahoma Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

A South-Central state in the United States, Oklahoma is a major producer of oil, natural gas and agriculture-based products. The growing economy of the state relies heavily upon telecommunications, electronics, aircraft and forestry. These companies need quality equipment to remain competitive and as a dependable utility used truck supplier we can meet those needs. With our large selection of quality used Bucket Trucks, we can assist companies through our knowledge and expertise to assure that they find the perfect bucket truck for their business. The vehicles we offer are rigorously inspected and affordable.

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