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trucklocatorThe Pacific Wonderland, Oregon is known for its vast landscape as well as its economy. Livestock and crops are two of its largest industries for beef and milk. Manufacturing, mining, fishing and services such as hotel, insurance, law firms and tourism make up more of the state's economy. Utility trucks help in a number of these businesses and make it easier for companies to make repairs, upkeep and fast returns on their investments.

With livestock and crops, bucket trucks are a necessity. If you're needing to repair barns, silos, trim or cut down trees, or a number of other tasks, a bucket truck from I-80 Equipment can make a huge difference on your business and the money it can make for you. Along with mining, a digger derrick can help in the digging of mines, especially when needing to reach a certain area in a small amount of time and with minimal risk. Digger derricks can help your company reach those areas for gold, gems, or whatever your business is seeking. Utility trucks are also essential to the upkeep of hotels, whether it's for cleaning, repair, or painting, bucket trucks can do anything you need and they save you time and money from needing to hire an outside contractor. And what about the fishing industry? Bucket trucks can also help in the repairs and upkeeps of ships. There's really no reason not to check out how a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment can help you and your business.

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Oregon Bucket Trucks

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is an American state known for its stunning natural beauty and serene isolation. The state is home to several renowned cities full of modern amenities. Oregon has a growing economy where high-tech industries, agriculture, telecommunication and forestry are the major business sectors. Businesses engaged in these industries require quality equipment for their operational efficiency. We stand as one of the most reliable suppliers in Oregon. Offering great deals for used utility vehicles like Bucket Trucks, Bucket Vans, Forestry Trucks and Digger Derricks, we ensure that buyers get the best trucks for their money.

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