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Known as the Ocean State, Rhode Island is known for its picturesque views of the sea and many tourists travel there each year just to enjoy those iconic scenes. Rhode Island is rich in history and its economy as well. There are several state parks and museums that see several visitors each year. Most notably is the birthplace and museam of Gilbert Stuart, who is known as one of the best American painters in history. Aside from the tourist attractiions. Rhode Island's economy is made of up industry, agriculture, mining, forestry, and fishing. Utility trucks from I-80 Equipment can help in all aspects of these businesses and are a huge asset to any industry.

Bucket trucks, our biggest seller at I-80 Equipment are a great addition to any business. Whether it's for working out on telephone poles, helping maintain land and upkeep of buildings, or for trimming limbs, our reconditioned used bucket trucks can reach heights of up to 75 feet. Or if you need a forestry trucks for the heavy limb cutting and tree downing, they can reach ever higher heights. And with the unpredictable weather, these trucks are available in 4-wheel drive so you can drive anywhere to get the job done.

Digger derricks are also available from I-80 Equipment and can help miners reach certain areas that may otherwise be impossible. These trucks are also great in aiding in digging foundations for new buildings. There is also a need for utility trucks in the fishing industry. Bucket trucks can help fishermen do the needed repairs on their ships without needing to hire other companies or contractors.

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Rhode Island, was the first of the original 13 Colonies to declare its independence from Britain. It is the smallest state in the United States and because of its geography is referred to as "The Ocean State". Nestled in the New England region Rhode Island has a progressive economy based on service sectors like health care and education, telecommunication, electricity and forestry. To help these industries perform efficiently, utility trucks and related equipment have been playing a major role for Rhode Island Businesses. Utility trucks such as Boom Trucks, Digger Derricks, Forestry Trucks and Bucket Trucks make it easy for business to succeed and expand. Whatever industry you belong to, we can help you by supplying the right used bucket truck at the right price. With our large selection of used utility vehicles, you can select the truck best suited to your businesses needs.

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