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The Evergreen State is known for exactly that, its trees. It has a unique terrain with includes six different geographic land areas: the Olympic Mountains, the Coast Range, the Cascade Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Puget Sound Lowlands, and the Columbia Plateau. Washington's economy is largely made up of tourism, but industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and lumbering make up another huge chunk of its economy.

Used utility trucks are in huge demand over the entire state, and are a neccessity for those in the lumber business. Forestry trucks allow crewmen to reach heights up to 75 feet and aid the crews that are downing the trees for lumber. With all the rainfall that Washington is known for, we have trucks available in 4-wheel drive. Being able to maneuver over and terrain is critical for lumbering companies.

Bucket trucks and digger derricks are also available for businesses that need heavy duty trucks that can get any large task done. If you need to reach heights to repair signs or buildings, or you need to repair water lines or dig a new foundation, these truck are your go-to tools. At I-80 Equipment, we can find you the perfect truck for all your needs.

Please check out our inventory. Can't find what you need? No problem. We can work with you to locate the perfect utility truck for your business.

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We're are currently offering special rates and incentives for our customers in Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver, Bellevue, Yakima, and surrounding areas. Talk to us or come take a look at our utility bucket trucks for sale. We can be reached a number of ways including calling 1-888-509-9566, email us: Info@I80Equipment.com, Fill out our contact form, or come visit our store at 20490 550 E. Street, Colona, IL 61241.

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Washington was named for George Washington, the only state to be named after an American President. It is encompassed by numerous national forests and parks, wildlife refuges, protected wilderness, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Washington's economy is quite diversified and includes aircraft manufacture, telecom, automotive, software, lumber and wood products and mining. Catering to the transportation and business needs of the residents and visitors, many businesses in the industry are using our high quality used trucks. With our large range of used bucket trucks, forestry trucks, grapple trucks and boom trucks, we are the right source to purchase from because we have the right heavy equipment for your business.

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