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Known as the Park State, Wyoming is cut in half by the Continental Divide and is where the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains meet. Several rivers wind through the state and drain in the Pacific Ocean. Wyoming is divided into three geographical land areas: the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the Intermontane Basins. Wyoming's economy is mostly made up of Agriculture (i.e. livestock and grain) and mining, petroleum and gas.

In the height of winter, especially close to those mountains, power outages can be an every day occurrence. A bucket truck from I-80 Equipment can be a huge asset to have when electricity needs to be restored. In the event of downed power lines, digger derricks can provide your company with the ability to drill through the frozen ground and install new lines in a quick, easy and safe way. With the unpredictability of mother nature, any used ulitily truck from I-80 Equipment can be a life saver.

In addition to weather conditions, utility trucks can help those that rely on agriculture for their livelihoods. With a rapidly growing agriculture industry, a number of trucks from I-80 can be just what your company needs. A forestry truck can help you reach up to the tallest branches that need trimmed or cut down and are available in 4-wheel drive so that any terrain can be maneuverable.

Digger derricks can help your company reach those areas for whatever your business is seeking. Utility trucks are also essential to the upkeep of hotels, whether it's for cleaning, repair, or painting, bucket trucks can do anything you need and they save you time and money from needing to hire an outside contractor. And what about the fishing industry? Bucket trucks can also help in the repairs and up keeps of ships. There's really no reason not to check out how a used utility truck from I-80 Equipment can help you and your business.

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Wyoming Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

Wyoming is where the great plains meet the Rocky Mountains. The Continental divide runs North and South through the Center of the State and the US Government owns more than 48% of the land. The economy of Wyoming is driven primarily by tourism and mineral harvesting. The mining industries in the Wyoming benefit from our trucks to aid and assist in the extraction of coal, uranium and diamonds. I-80 Equipment's forestry trucks also serve industries in maintaining the large ranges of wilderness that spread across the state. Our extensive selection of bucket trucks, boom trucks and grapple trucks help a wide variety of industries including telephony, cabling, electrical and more. Visit our website today and purchase the right heavy equipment at the best possible prices.

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