Bucket Truck Buying Guide

Bucket trucks give you the help you need when you are working on forestry, power lines, painting, electrical wires, and much more. If you need a bucket truck, you need to start by choosing the right type of bucket truck. There are four different types of trucks to choose from depending on the type of boom you need, the type of work you do, and the heights you need to reach. Once you decide on what kind of truck you need, you should decide where you should buy your bucket truck. Review the specs of each truck and where to find bucket trucks for sale so you can make the process easier.

Types of Bucket Trucks

Each bucket truck is designed for a different kind of work. A forestry bucket truck usually has an insulated boom and comes with a single bucket. Of course they will go to various heights. Before you buy, you need to know how high you will need to work.

Utility line trucks come with a double bucket and also usually have an insulated boom. This truck comes with a utility bed that will hold tools and you should consider the bed size because you need all the space you can get in this industry.

If you hang signage or you fix signs and lights, you will need a sign bucket truck that comes with a 2-man metal basket and a material handler with lifting capacity. You may also need a bucket truck with its own welder.

Where Should You Purchase Your Bucket Truck?

Now that you understand what types of trucks are available (and there are several more), you need to find the best truck at the most affordable price. When you buy a truck new, it will depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot. That is why you should consider buying your bucket truck used so you do not have to worry about rapid depreciation. Here are the best ways to buy your bucket truck so you do not to invest a fortune:


Some companies hold auctions to sell utility equipment. Sellers will hire the auctioneers to sell their utility vehicles and will pay the auctioneer a fee once the truck has sold. If you know how much you are willing to spend and you see an auction in your area, you might save quite a bit of money on your bucket truck. Keep in mind that you can't fully inspect the truck and many times the trucks need repairs. You should be extremely familiar with utility trucks and have enough cash to purchase a lemon. Auctions are not for companies on a budget.

If you want a reconditioned vehicle, you can visit a dealer who does reconditioning on used bucket trucks. Make sure the sales company specializes in utility equipment so you can view a wide selection of bucket trucks when you are shopping on the lot. Reconditioning involves inspections that are set by the manufacturer. Be ware of many reconditioners that simply paint over the truck, including rust. A professional reconditioner will show you their process and be proud of the transformation a truck has taken. I-80 Equipment in Colona, IL is recognized world wide as a top utility bucket truck reconditioner.

If you are looking for a fleet of trucks or even a single truck, you can purchase your trucks from a big company selling their inventory. If the business is downsizing or they are closing their doors, you can benefit from their misfortunes and buy your bucket trucks at a discounted price.

You should consider all of your options when you are looking for bucket trucks for sale. Compare the prices and look for auctions and sales at fleets and utility dealerships so you can save money on your investment.

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