Medium Bucket Trucks For Sale

3Y0A2149Finding medium bucket trucks for sale can be a difficult task. The market is flooded with over priced medium bucket trucks for sale. Buying new from a dealer can mean sticker shock for your company, unnecessarily overpaying for your investment. At I-80 Equipment your company can save 40-50% off the list price of medium bucket trucks for sale, and you can know that your investment is a quality purchase.

At I-80 Equipment we treat all medium bucket trucks for sale with the greatest care, ensuring quality inside and out for an investment that is built to last. Every medium bucket trucks for sale have been put through our thorough 7-step reconditioning process so that we are confident to guarantee our products. Buying used does not mean compromise in quality but it does mean incredible savings when purchasing a medium bucket truck for sale.

We also offer special customization on any medium bucket truck for sale. If you have a specific task, we can help you accomplish it by customizing modifications or appearance. From custom paint, to custom accessories, even bed conversions, we can take a medium bucket truck for sale and fit it to match your company. Fill out our electronic contact form or call our helpful guys at 1-888-949-3701 to find out more information about our medium bucket trucks for sale.

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