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Cruising through a busy urban area or rural neighborhood one can often see workers high above the roadway busily working out of a bucket truck. Sturdy, safe and efficient aerial bucket trucks are essential to the success of many businesses out on the road everyday. Imagine an electric utility company fixing a downed line without a well-functioning bucket truck. Or a cable expert sorting out the reason for a cable outage several hundred feet above the ground without the security and knowledge of a safe outcome. Tree trimmers and professional arborists must also rely on various types of bucket trucks to complete the job without the worry of mechanical problems. Chances are many of the aerial bucket trucks operating on the roads today, are Lift-all bucket trucks manufactured by Hydra-Tech, Inc .

Hydra-tech began in the early 1980s in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At first the company built only one type of Lift-all truck in a small rented 7,000 square foot building. With the success and growth of the company Hydra-Tech later relocated to a 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant on 15 acres of property. Over the past 31 years Hydra-Tech has added 120 different models of Lift-All bucket trucks. The wide variety and diversity of Lift-All trucks has made them a top choice among many industries utilizing aerial trucks. The company offers eight different categories of truck including: articulating, non over center; articulating, over center; telescopic aerial; articulating telescopic aerial; articulating non over center aerial, articulating over center aerial; telescopic aerial; and articulating telescopic aerial . Within these categories the bucket trucks come in varying models. Some trucks can operate up to heights of 80 feet and others go as low as 33 feet. The aerial devices also offer a degree of flexibility and mobility when trying to reach difficult off ground work areas. In addition to the height range and versatility of the Lift-All bucket trucks, useful storage areas are easily accessible to workers eliminating the need to be lowered to the ground to exchange tools.

The large selection of Lift-All bucket trucks combined with company history and reliability has instilled brand loyalty for lift-all bucket trucks.

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