Used Digger Derrick Trucks

At I-80 Equipment as a leading supplier of fully reconditioned digger derricks we must always continue expanding and providing a larger variety of trucks for our customers. Each and every customer we have is unique and needs a specific inventory of trucks to fit their line of work. We promise to continue to expand our inventory and keep our standards high to meet the demands of the industry.

We do not just offer basic used digger derrick trucks, we offer a large inventory of Utility Digger Derricks, Pressure Diggers, Rear Corner Mount Diggers, Line Diggers, Self-Propelled Mini Back-Yard Digger Derricks and All Terrain Track Diggers. Having a more comprehensive inventory than our competitors allows for I-80 Equipment to stay at the top of the market. Keeping our client satisfaction high is key and a large inventory allows for this. Some of the truck brands we currently offer include Bombardier, Altec, Texoma, Terex, Hi-Ranger, Lift-All, Sky Lift, MTI and ETI. Many of the brands and models that are not currently listed on the website can be found through our truck locator "Find It" feature.

Other Digger DerricksOne of the more unique offerings we have is the all terrain track diggers. The 1999 Bombardier GT2000 HYNT All Terrain Track Digger Derrick is an amazing feat of engineering. With a Caterpillar 3126B Diesel Engine and a gross weight of 36,320lbs and a lifting capacity of 24,000lbs this all terrain vehicle can be used in the hardest to reach places on earth. This vehicle will allow for our clients to work on the more technical, higher profit margin jobs.

The digger derricks trucks are unique in the vehicle world and can be used for many different applications. We have digger derricks trucks ranging from 4X2 to 6X6 with weights ranging between 30,000lbs (15 tons) and 60,000lbs (30 tons). Each visitor can find exactly the right vehicle for their application or may find a truck that will work even better than their current vision.

If you have been searching for a digger derricks truck, at I-80 we are confident we have a truck that will fit you. Contact us today for your next reconditioned digger derricks trucks. For the fastest service, call: 1-888-949-3701. You can also fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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