How to Recondition a Bucket Truck

At I-80 equipment we have a 7-step process of bucket truck reconditioning. First you want to begin by inspecting the bucket truck when it arrives at your facility. Then you can begin the 7-step process starting with disassembly.

Disassembly begins by removing extra cabinets, corroded metal parts, broken pieces, non-working mechanisms, lights, accessories and grills. Removing the corroded metal and the smaller pieces is important for the paint preparation. It is often a good idea to take pictures of the parts you are going to need to replace, fabricate or repair. Having a reference point will guide you during the other phases of the reconditioned bucket truck process.

The second step begins by completely soaking each bucket truck in a high quality degreaser. The degreasing step allows each bucket truck to loosen its ability to hold on to dirt, grime and bugs that may have been visible or hidden on the truck. After the degreasing process, we begin the power washing phase. The degreaser makes the power washing a quick and easy cleaning process.

The next step in the bucket truck reconditioning process is sandblasting. Each and every truck goes through the sandblasting phase. The parts that are worked sprayed include the bumber, wheels, fuel tanks, rear tail shaft, wheel wells, frames, inside of the utility body and every bit of exposed metal on the body to prepare for painting.

Step four is the body work and paint phase. After completion of sandblasting, every part on each bucket truck is sanded down to expose the factory primer; followed by dent fixing and metal fabrication. We recommend using a 320 grit sandpaper followed by a priming coat of gray 2K urethane prior to entering the paint bay. Once reaching the paint bay, the bucket truck will undergo a two-step industrial coating process for a pristine finish including an undercoating for corrosion resistance and durability. Once finished each truck is the sprayed with LINE-X on the bed and walkways bring a complete water tight seal to the truck, for superior vehicle life expectancy. The LINE-X is a shoreD High Hardness Rating coating, that offers excellent impact resistance and tensile strength of up to 6,600 PSI. Each bed liner is then gauranteed with our warranty. The truck is completely painted and we move to the next phase.

2008 Ford F550 4x2 Newest Unit Now that the each bucket truck has been disassembled, cleaned, physically repaired and painted, all of the over spray and dirt will be taken off the windows and cleaned, followed by complete re-assembly. The cab of the truck is then cleaned and detailed. Now that the exterior is finished we buff out and wax the body with a hand glaze, followed by any customization of the bucket truck. At I-80 we offer custom graphics, strobe lights, cabinets, hitches and much more.

The sixth phase is where the real work is done. Each and every bucket truck is inspected through a 77-point complete mechanical inspection and a 177-point boom inspection. Many of the major vehicle dealerships offer these types of inspection, but in this industry many of our competitors cannot gaurantee a top-quality bucket truck. At I-80 Equipment we believe that for longevity and return on investment, that each vehicle must be in complete good working order to maximize output. We utilize a 4-point alignment machine, a cylinder machine and dielectric testing to gaurantee that our vehicles meet all the Federal and Department of Transportation inspections. Other areas worked on include engine powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, cab & Body, tires, wheels and rims. Once completed we have finished a complete bucket truck reconditioning.

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