What Is A Crane Truck?

A crane truck is a vehicle that has been equipped with an on-board crane and a hook. Much like a track crane without the tracks a crane truck can be more mobile in truck form. On a truck, the crane boom is set onto a truck chassis with rubber tires typically mounted behind the cab of the truck. This allows for the crane truck to be operated on public streets and driven to and from a work site on its own without needing to be trailered. The value of crane truck is mostly in the versatility/mobility of the vehicle.

How a crane truck typically works, it will have outriggers which are deployed when working with the boom that helps to keep the crane stable and level; lifting the truck off the ground. Without the crane truck outriggers the weight of items being lifted into the air would be limited to the tire weight capacity. Crane trucks can vary in size from heavy duty to medium duty and have become very popular in the USA, Canada, South America and Europe.

What Is A Crane TruckThe function of a crane on a work site cannot be easily replicated. When lifting very heavy objects high into the air, there are only a few machines that have been made specifically for this application. Track cranes are very slow moving take a long time to setup and can't be used on many jobsites due to restrictions of public road use. Crane trucks can arrive at a jobsite and be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Most jobs only require the use of a standard crane truck.

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