Buying Used Bucket Trucks

Data, forestry, and electrical companies are in the market for buying used bucket trucks. However, many dealers who offer used bucket trucks cannot offer the quality of like-new vehicles. I-80 Equipment, a national and international leader in used bucket trucks, is a one stop shop, fully reconditioning used bucket trucks to a like-new and often better-than-new condition.

hhuy1In one location these used bucket trucks are selected for their quality and then put through a 7-step reconditioning process, making sure they perform to manufacturers’ standards and meet the excellent quality expectations of customers. Through any other dealer customers could potentially be responsible for any additional work they would want done on a truck and would have to look elsewhere for customization. At I-80 Equipment customers can find the convenience of full service on all used bucket trucks.

There are many benefits to buying a used bucket truck, such as the incredible savings off of list prices. Customers can easily save 40-50% off of list prices by buying a used bucket truck. With the quality of reconditioning that we offer at I-80 Equipment there is no compromise in buying used, because we restore these trucks to a like-new condition meeting manufacturers’ specifications.


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